What is this website about?

“I have been professionally designing and programming websites for 26 years, and in that time, all elementary web development training I have seen is kind of lame. High school. College. Tutorials. Books. Videos. None teach the proper fundamentals!
Consequently, I decided to build a free course myself, based on a series of classes I taught my fellow Walt Disney Cast Members, while programming websites at Walt Disney Studios.
Historically, women and older folks rarely pursue computer development. Therefore, I came up with the name Teaching Girls & Grandpas How To Build Websites as a playful and lighthearted way to encourage everyone to give computing a chance. My goal is to articulate my expertise so eloquently, anyone will be able to construct a website! Nevertheless, you don’t have to be female or elderly to be my student. Teaching Girls & Grandpas How To Build Websites is merely a silly and fun name.
This is all about encouraging and emboldening my fellow American citizens, all across this Great Nation of ours! Girls. Boys. Young. Old. So, I hope you find these videos and articles both delightful and educational! Because remember, kids, The World Owes You Nothing... Until You Create Things Of Value!”
- Eric Muss-Barnes

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