Part 24 - Learning Cloud Computing for Beginners

Written by Eric Muss-Barnes, 6 January 2019

We covered this already. There is no such thing as "the cloud". That is nothing but a nonsense marketing term for a mainframe, a server-farm, or a data center. They are all "the cloud". This amorphous "cloud" is nothing new. The "cloud" has been around since the first computers of the 1960's. As soon as you network computers together, you are "cloud computing".

But, remember, virtual servers were a "new" thing (as of 2014 or thereabouts) which never existed before, and they are a very cool feature of "the cloud". Virtual servers offer great value to users, because they provide global redundancy, and scalability.

And remember, kids, the world owes you nothing... until you create things of value.

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