Part 19 - Learning WordPress for Beginners

Written by Eric Muss-Barnes, 30 December 2018
Although I have been a developer for 26 years, the very first WordPress site I ever built was my own personal blog, about 11 years ago, in 2013. I went from knowing nothing about WordPress to launching and completely customizing my site in 2 days. I used CSS to customize the fonts, change the layout, position logos and graphics and so forth. In all honesty, I never wanted to learn WordPress, because I knew it would be easy and a waste of my time.

Since then, I have build dozens of WordPress sites professionally, for the likes of boutique real estate agencies, like Woodbridge Realty of Colorado and Mercer Vine in Los Angeles.

You don't need to learn WordPress, because you already know it.

WordPress is simply a content management system (also called a "CMS") built on PHP and using a MySQL database. It was created to allow non-developers to build personal blogs. Today, the use of WordPress has expanded into many other styles of websites, although it performs terribly on anything more sophisticated than a simple blog site.

Real developers don't need to learn WordPress because once you know PHP and MySQL, you already know WordPress. Learning web development, and then learning WordPress, is like learning to be an architect, just so you can build dog houses. WordPress is a waste of your time and will bring no value to your skills as a developer.

And remember, kids, the world owes you nothing... until you create things of value.



CMS is an abbreviation for "Content Management System" and is simply an interface allowing non-developers to make changes to website content without learning a programming language.


A prebuilt CMS for creating blogs, based upon PHP and MySQL.

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