Please remember to "view source" on this webpage by going to View -> Source (or View -> Page Source in Firefox).

Adding a picture to a page is very simple. If you view the sourcecode for this page, you will see the code used to display the image shown below.

Note the sourcecode after "src=" gives the filepath to the image based upon the folder structure from the point where the current page resides. In this case, there is an "images" folder which contains an image called "sunset-palm.jpg" and that is the image displayed on the page. Also take note that there is no closing tag for an image.

This text links to the next page and uses code that is very similar to the image tag. Below, you will find links to all of the previous pages we have viewed. Again, the code is fairly self-explanatory when you view the source:

Note, you can also force links to open in the same bowser window, or in a new window, using the "target" attribute.

This text uses target="_top" and links to the next page in the same window.

This text uses target="_blank" and links to the next page in a new window.

First page
Second page
Third page
Fourth page
Fifth page

So, remember, we use "IMG SRC" for image tags and "A HREF" for link tags. IMG tags do not have a close. A HREF tags do have a close. You can also make an image a link, simply by wrapping the link tag around an image tag, like so: